R7000Pro/R3700Pro 5/3.2-meter high speed UV inkjet printer

Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress

JHF R7000Pro/R3700Pro -- the super 5/3.2 meter roll to roll UV printer
JHF R7000Pro/R3700Pro is an echo to the request of hundreds of JHF customers all around the world. Its printing speed is 4 times faster than current market existing model. With 1800dpi printing resolution, it’s a perfect combination of precision, speed, stability! JHF R7000Pro/R3700Pro establishes the new benchmark for our industry, helps you explore more opportunity with high competitiveness!


Highest resolution, highest production,and environment-friend

◆ Up to 5000mm width and unlimited length easily 
◆ 600dpi physical resolution, high speed industrial printhead, ensure printing 
     output quality outstanding with 1800dpi printing resolution.
◆ By use of high precision, mute linear guide rail, you can enjoy a quiet and 
     stable printing process environment
◆ Four large diameter rubber rollers reduces the deflection and lead the 
     material movement more smoothly and stably without deviation.
◆Both high-precision metal raster ,best performance AC motor and control technology of 
    high precision closed loop lead to precise step -moving. 
◆High precision electric negative pressure system reducing more than 90% of the compressed 
    air consumption to improve the service life of the air compressor effectively.
◆Introduction of industrial PLC control module controls each step of machine stability.
◆High precision automatic lifting measurement system ensures a uniform printing picture 
    perfect every time.
◆The solution of top quality towline makes the motor cable fault impossible.
◆Its world's top level UV lamp curing solution makes UV curing perfect.
◆Special control technology of second ink tank   ensures the ink without leakage when sudden 
◆High strength of rectangular triangle welding racks to make the whole machine, not deformed.
◆With the national patent tension feeding system, ensure every step perfectly works accurately.
◆National patent of press roller structure provides a solid foundation for media feeding. 
◆Impressive national patent machine body .
◆JHF R7000Pro/R3700Pro roll-to-roll high-speed 
    large-format printer establishes a new 
    benchmark for wide-format roll2roll UV inkjet 
    printer by perfectly combining the printing quality 
    of film-processing,POP & POS, and the 
    high-speed outdoor large-format billboard.
◆JHF R7000Pro/R3700Pro UV large-format printer 
    ensures digital print shop to make quicker and 
    more efficient commercial applications, including 
    photography, exhibition graphics, digital textile, 
    billboard signage and commercial graphics. 
◆Adoptation of the ultraviolet proof glass protects 
    the operators and environmental-friend. 
◆JHF R7000Pro/R3700Pro significantly extend 
    your printing capacities and the range of 
    application that you can provide, reinforce your 
    competitiveness and explore new market 

Parameter specification

Max.print width:5000/3200mm
Print head type: Kyocera 6*2
Printing mode and resolution:
High speed mode    600×900dpi       230/200m2/h
Production mode     600×1200dpi     180/150m2/h 
Fine mode               600×1800dpi     120/100m2/h
Photograph mode   1200×1200dpi    95/80m2/h 
Material :PVC banner, PET backlit, Vinyl, UV textile, etc., 
Inks:CMYK,Lc, Lm, W UV ink
Size bared machine:L 8370mm*M 2050mm*H 2150mm/L 6620mm*M 2000mm*H 1940mm
Weight: 6930KG/3800KG