T3000 Digital Textile Printer

Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress

T3000 digital textile printer, equiped with high speed, high performance industrial print head, combined with the high performance of JHF printing system and high quality configuration, such as high strength welded frame, threaded rollers, and tension floating rollers etc., to achieve high efficiency, high precision, low cost efficiency, meet the digital printing industry demand.
The high quality T3000 digital textile printer is a big opportunity to boost your business growth, and differentiate yourself from other competitors.


◆ High speed & high-quality textile inkjet printer.
◆ More textile printing models optional for different demand.      
◆ Perfect color performance breakthrough traditional textile printing slant dark color.

◆High precision electric negative pressure system reducing more than 90% the compressed air consumption, improving the air compressors’life effectively.
◆High precision automatic shutter measurement system ensures a perfect printing quality consistently and stably.
◆Specially engineered control technology of second ink tank avoid ink leakage after blockout.
◆Patented tension feeding system, ensure stepping perfectly and accurately.
◆Using pneumatic lifting to hold the waste ink and protect printhead  to make maintenance operation easier.
◆The guide threaded roller design, effectively prevent wrinkles, and help all material print smoothly on the platform.
◆Double adjustable and heavy-floating rollers along with spiral flattening rollers to make a good and effective tension to get great    pretreatment of tension on the media.
◆The solution of top towline achieves a “zero failure”of motor cables operation stably.
◆The design of T-type high strength welding frame ensures a strong machine body and more available space than usual.

Parameter specification

 Wide format high-performance digital textile printer
13PL Drop size
Up to 16 printheads
3150mm printing width
Printing speed 235(max)-160-125-90sqm/h
Ink type:Disperse sublimation
Substrate:sublimation paper/polyester fabric